audio-visual communicator
Alex Ventling

A European based audio-visualist, Alex shows a one-of-a-kind perspective and passion for music and promotional video. It's not all about exciting visuals – the emotional drive and evolution of a strong concept is what elevates each project to a level musicians deserve.

With over 10 years experience as a jazz musician himself, Alex can easily translate and communicate musical ideas into a visual solution while remaining faithful to meet and always exceed the artist's vision.

MARCH15 - See The Colour. Director & Editor

Brass Department – the Rescue of a Birthday Party (Hip Hop Medley). Director & Editor

*City* Without You – Arthur Hnatek. Director & Editor

Quantum Blue – Promotional Video. Director & Editor

Marc Cary Focus Trio – Todi Blues. Director & Editor

Pinehurst School – Promotional Video. Director & Editor

Nikki Lynette – Sometimes (Director's Cut). Director & Editor

Shapeshifter – Voyager (Director's Cut). Director & Editor